Kuark Forests

Kuark forest is located in far East Gippsland, Victoria. This magnificent forest is home to rare rainforest and endangered animals.

East Gippsland is the Victorian stronghold for rainforest and is unique because both warm and cool temperate rainforest occurs here. Warm temperate species have evolved from tropical species that colonised Australia millions of years ago when the continent was joined to Papua New Guinea and Asia. These tropical like species slowly migrated down the east coast and East Gippsland is the most southerly extent of many of their distributional ranges.

Cool temperate rainforest also occurs here at higher elevations, the cool temperate species evolved from ancient ancestors that were growing on the super continent of Gondwana, which joined Antarctica, South America and New Zealand. Cool temperate rainforest is widespread on the west coast of Tasmania and New Zealand but is rare in Victoria. East Gippsland's Errinundra Plateu, no the north of Kuark forest, is home to the largest stand of cool temperate rainforest on mainland Australia.

Areas of Kuark forest are in the perfect geographic and topographic location for both warm and cool temperate rainforest to occur in the same place. This results in a rare 'overlap' rainforest type where species from both rainforest types are present. Kuark forest contains some of the best examples of overlap rainforest in the state. Sadly these rainforests are threatened by logging.

Text from GECO Kuark forest page