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Environment East Gippsland Forest Update February 2013
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Yes – we’re still here and still madly doing battle with the Forces Of Darkness (FODs). Sorry about lack of contact.

EEG Forests Forever 2013
News and views - If you really miss us – please like us on Facebook. This is where most of our short news clips end up, but not the analysis. Or else check our website now and again for news stories.

Help - We are looking at possibly two more court cases this year – with the associated costs (and fundraising work). But for now – I’m/we’re asking for some help. We’d love to have a ‘bank’ of helpers we can call on when needed.

Forests Forever Our first ask is that you spread the word on our Easter Forests Forever Ecology Camp this year. We need to spread the ads far and wide to sympathetic or/and new audiences. If you can print out our cute ad for us please click here A4 (PDF) or here A5(PDF) to download. You can also download it to send around to friends and your networks. If you don’t have a colour printer – please let us know and we can send you some. Health food shops, community centres, bushwalking or birdo clubs, libraries, doctors’ surgeries, lawyers’ chambers, staff room notice boards and so on would all be great.

Proofreaders or writers needed – To help summarise articles, we’re looking for people who have a flair for picking out the essence of a story, adding colour, humour or a cheeky sort of pizzazz (you know our style). If you think you’re up to it, we need you. At the end of this email there is a ‘sample’ list of the stories waiting to be summarised and analysed from our perspective.

Other talents:
Letters to Editor writers,
Talkback radio callers,
Media monitors (does anyone read the H/Sun?),
Melbourne gophers (occasional delivery work),
Organizing or helping at info stalls,
Chocolate manufacturing (only joking)
Or if you are especially good at something or have resources you can offer, please email us with any that you think might be useful.

Stories we’d like to expand on for our members
  1. Zoos Vic told to dump recycled paper campaign by Baillieu (lobbied by the logging mafia)
  2. Giant Asian rainforest logger (APP) pledge to stop logging, treated with suspicion by WWF and green groups.
  3. Rare flying fox colony in Bairnsdale set to be cut down by council.
  4. Gina brings the Coal Seam Gas threat to Gippsland.
  5. Government plans to allow prospecting in our national parks.
  6. New owners of the Heyfield mill given $650,000 by Baillieu to help it along.
  7. Environment East Gippsland stops VicForests from logging national Sites Of Significance for Rainforest– under threat of court action.
  8. Baillieu plans to weaken protection for native veg clearance. Submissions called for.
  9. Biomass burning (ie forest fuelled electricity) conference in Melb April 15-16.
  10. Has the Tasmanian forest agreement run off the rails?
  11. Forestry in Tasmania employs 0.5% of workforce – that includes plantation workers.
  12. Government wants to hike VCAT fees 300% to over $1,000. (VCAT is the court for settling disputes with government agencies). This would put it out of reach of most people. Submissions called for.
  13. Professor David Lindenmayer shows logging is not sustainable.
  14. horizon-bushfireBushfires this year in Oz have emitted an amount of CO2 equivalent to 2% of Australia’s annual emissions from coal-fired power.
  15. Bushfires this year in Victoria have started almost entirely in either logged forest, previously bushfire effected forest or plantations. They have mostly burnt through 2003-2007 previously burnt bushfire areas.
  16. Business Council of Australia pushed Gillard to hand the states almost full control of environment. Green lobbying put the kybosh on the plan but it could resurface.
  17. Forest logging audits have become a total joke but it doesn’t stop DSE and VicForests claiming their operations are rock solid and show high compliance (!)
  18. Eden woodchip mill’s future still on a knife’s edge – unless Abbott gets in.
  19. …and much much more…

           Jill and the team.

            Environment East Gippsland Inc.      FORESTS - our breathing space!

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