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  1. VicForests CEO jumps ship
  2. Forest markets campaign targets Bunnings
  3. For plant and bird geeks
  4. Burning Forests for Global Energy?
  5. Council candidates – help!
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The CEO of VicForests bails out

What's that thing about rats and sinking ships?
Ironically, after years of overseeing the destruction of Victoria’s forest, Robert Green, CEO of VicForests will soon be taking up a position running the NZ Timberlands plantations.

In the interim, Robert Green’s position will be filled by Nathan Trushell, General Planning Manager. Also – we hear that Gordon Davies has resigned from the Board of VicForests.

Bunnings might as well be selling ivory!Bunnings Slaughterhouse

Bunnings sells wood from the ash forests of the Central Highlands – which are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN list of endangered ecosystems.

It’s also the habitat of the Critically Endangered Leadbeaters Possum. Yet it claims it only sells ethical, legal and sustainable timber.

You can sign the petition, which has already upset Bunnings, here.

IUCN Red list of assesmentsTargeting companies and corporates has proven to be far more effective than lobbying an immovable government which often snub voters’ concerns.

Already there are over 2,000 signatures which have alarmed Bunnings. Add your signature here.

This is a winnable campaign and will send a message to all retailers selling hardwood timber from clearfelled native forests, starting with Bunnings. There’s more to come too.


Online native flora ID guide Dusky Coral Pea - Kennedia rubicunda

At last! The Vicflora website is a comprehensive and current guide to the wild plants of Victoria. It includes plant profiles and identification tools, and is richly illustrated. The resource is provided free of charge by Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.Golden Whistler Brown Mt

Aussie backyard Bird Count

Birds Australia is holding its annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count – no backyard needed, just detail what you see and how many.
Register here for the week of bird counting from 17th – 23rd Oct.

Burning Forests for Global Energy?

The 19th October is the International Day of Action on Bioenergy.All eyes on the Commissioners on the International Day of Action on Bioenergy

Many countries are burning forests, their own and other countries, as a source of power generation and industrial heat - claimed to be 'renewable'. Australia is following closely.

As the European Union’s renewable energy policies have been one of the most forceful drivers of the growing use of bioenergy, the EU is in a process of revising its policies. This year the eyes of the world will be on EU leaders.

This is a very good one minute video on the issue worth watching and sharing.

The European Commission is currently drafting a new sustainability policy for bioenergy – expected in early December 2016. It must be watertight.

It’s not only important for the EU but it also sets an example to the rest of the world on how to move forward with bioenergy. The EU has already shown global leadership in limiting the use of food based biofuels in transport and now needs to do the same for the rest of the bioenergy. More info here

Council elections – are you confused?

One of the best owl pictures ever!If you own property or live in East Gippsland you’ll probably be quite confused about who of the 39 candidates standing for the Council elections have progressive ideals? Voting papers are due in the post by 21st October.

Only 6 candidates pledged to use science to base their decisions on. After the first 9 – see list below – it’s painfully difficult deciding who best deserves the 39th position. But we suggest Mayor Marianne Pelz wins that last position – as a strong voice for, and with business involvements in logging. Ben Buckley, as humorous as he is, thinks all river water is wasted just left to flow out to the estuaries. All previous councillors recently voted unanimously to support the local logging industry. We suggest they all go into the 30 something list.

After some region wide analysis and local knowledge we recommend:
  1. Jeremy Schroder,
  2. Deb Foskey,
  3. Peter Gardner,
  4. Jes Johns,
  5. Ron Alexander ,
  6. Jeff McNeill,
  7. Rob Hudson,
  8. Jackson Roberts and
  9. Linette Treasure

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