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Environment East Gippsland Forest Update

In this bulletin:

  1. Potoroo newsletter on its way – join up/renew
  2. Corflute signs with forest slogans – for sale.
  3. FSC complaint
  4. Western/central Vic logging
  5. Valley of the Giant’s Walk is NOT authorized by DSE
  6. Court judgment

1) The next 16 page bumper issue of the Potoroo is heading off to the printer at the end of the week. Get the latest news that’s hot off the press.
So if you’re not a member/subscriber or your membership is not up to date, please send in your $15 (conc), $20, or $30 for a household - and we’ll update our records. EEG Locked Bag 3 ORBOST 3888 More information, printable membership forms (PDF) or join online on our website here

2) We’re organising the printing of corflute signs (450 x 600mm) with forest slogans on them. If you’d like to help get the message out there before this election, please could you let us know if you’d like to order one (or maybe six for distribution amongst friends and family?). Slogans could be: “Look before you Log”, “Fall the pollies who fall our forests”, “Woodchipping – a dead loss”, “Wildlife not woodchips”, “Forests, our breathing space”, “ I forests and I vote” ... They’ll be about $8.50 each plus postage. We would love to get an idea of how many of you are intersted so we can order numbers accordingly. Please contact Jill via email here if you’d like to place an order.
If you’re not sure what you can do to help – please make this one of the things you make time to do!

3) There has been a formal complaint lodged regarding the Australian Paper mill (makers of Reflex paper using Central Highlands and Sth Gipp forests) being given a ‘low risk’ assessment by Forest Stewardship Council auditors recently – without any consultation with enviro stakeholders. This is regarded as very serious. Considering VicForests supplies Aust Paper, and is currently facing criminal charges for illegally destroying protected forests in the Central Highlands, this auditor could face being deregistered.

4) Despite the state ALP promising to protect the Otways in 2008 and the Wombat Forests in 2006, and it being clearly stated in the latest revamped Timber Industry Strategy, the government sneakily allowed VicForests to log these forests in western and central Victoria without any enviro group consultation. Brumby/Jennings tried to deny this despite the clear evidence of an allocation order being given to VicForests for these areas. Reckless ratbaggery could cost them dearly come election day in the marginal seats out that way.

5) If any of you plan to visit the Valley of the Giant’s Walk, a wonderland of tree giants, just be aware it’s extremely treacherous! Or so says the government.
We have formally been told by DSE that our old growth walk at Brown Mountain must not be promoted (download your own self-guided walk booklet here).
Of course the track is not ‘officially authorised’... But what is authorised is clearfell logging. This may only cause escalating climate change, biodiversity loss, water reduction and general planetary collapse.
However, tourism is dangerous and so is not authorised as it may cause a bumped knee.
Enjoy this magnificent forest at your own peril!

6) Still no whisper regarding the judgment date.

Don’t forget to have a good think about putting a corflute sign (corrugated plastic sheet) on your house. And please renew your membership if you’re due.

Jill Redwood
Environment East Gippsland Inc

FORESTS - our breathing space!