Kuark forest is located in far East Gippsland, Victoria. This magnificent forest is home to rare rainforest and endangered animals.


Here’s a good reason to celebrate over this festive season our legal case against VicForests was settled late this week. We still need to argue over who pays the costs and this will be heard in court on 8th February.

The details are included in the court order, but basically it means that the forest values we had identified as needing surveys and protection are now to be acted on.

This massive legal mission has been very costly and time consuming, taking 11 months to reach this agreement. We have to thank all of you who helped us achieve this. There’ll be more detail on our website and Facebook page next week.

Please raise a glass to celebrate the Gliders, Potoroos, rainforest, rare plants, fish and all the other inhabitants of these richly diverse forests. We’ll continue our unrelenting work in 2017. We hope you’ll continue to help out.

Jill and the EEG and EJA teams