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Environment East Gippsland Forest Update

In this update:

  1. Mothers Day Cards
  2. No decision yet
  3. EEG is on Facebook
  4. Stateline
  5. Potoroo Clips now on EEG website
  6. Biomass Plant
  7. Melbourne get-togthers
  8. More cameras purchased
  9. Iceland volcano

Mothers Day
Please see separate email on the Brown Mt cards as a Mother’s Day/Mother Nature gift. These have now become a ‘limited edition’ card. Buy some as a wonderful memento of the famous Brown Mt court case (now being cited and taught in law classes as an example of env law).

Still waiting
...waiting for Justice Osborn to announce his decision. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything. We’re hoping it will be before June, but there’s no hint. The full transcripts of the court case are up on the EEG website here.

For those into Facebook, please check out our Facebook sites for those into Facebook. Brown Mt and EEG.
Please become a friend of them and pass them on.

For those who missed the 8 minute item on the lack of pre-logging surveys on ABC’s Stateline program, go to our website’s front page and click on the link in the first article.

Potoroo Clips
And while there, if you want to see the amazing Long-footed Potoroo clips taken by remote cameras – click on the green video button on the left of our website’s front page – and see them gathering nesting material – the first time this behavior has ever recorded!

Latest bad news
Philip Davis MP (Libs) and Garry Squires (of ‘quick, clearfell the Snowy Nat Park and call it a fire break’ fame) have been doing a hard sell to the people of Orbost in the last 3-4 months to try and convince locals that a biomass plant using native forest ‘waste’ is the next best thing to woodchips – and it will be so climate friendly as well. The push-poll questionnaire Davis sent out scored an item in today.

Melbourne get-togethers
Melbourne group meeting coming soon... please contact me if you are able to help organise a gathering or know of a roomy venue.

We’ve had a generous donation from Australian Ecosystems of 5 new survey cameras – and one of our members has developed a fantastic new bait holder (see below). All systems go for more detection of endangered species!

Camera in place

Brilliant new bait holder invention

Volcanic eruption reduces total emissions
Last week, the eruption the Iceland volcano grounded at least 65,000 flights, saving greenhouse emissions of approximately 434,000t/day of GHG emissions, while the volcano itself has spewed out up to 300,000 t/day. So with Mother Nature intervening, we've made a saving of 134,000 t/day or more.