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EEG's legal work - updates

EEG is currently running two cases. We are being represented by lawyers from Environmental Justice Australia
The cases are:
1) Owl protection after the fires - we began this case against DELWP in September 2014 and are in the final stages of seeing the department meet the last of the settlement terms for our increasingly threatened owls. We are urging proper government fieldwork be carried out to understand how the fires impacted the owls and then increasing protected areas in place of burnt degraded habitat following the 2014 fires.
2) Threatened species and rainforest in the Kuark forests - where we argue that VicForests did not properly protect or survey for rare species before it commenced logging in these forests.Powerful Owl

OWLS - The final step in the settlement timeline for owls is July 1. We are waiting for DELWP to decide if it will follow its own expert advice and conduct the fieldwork required to inform whether new and/or enlarged zones should be established after the 2014 fires destroyed formally protected owl habitat. Both their own report and two reports from Dr Rohan Bilney (our expert witness) conclude that more surveys and research are needed to make informed decisions. Meanwhile a moratorium on logging certain owl habitat is still holding.

Kuark forest giant tree KUARK FORESTS - There have been seven threatened species and communities detected across three stands of rich wet forest that VicForests has been logging. We served a writ on 12th Feb and an injunction to stop logging was granted on 13th Feb.
Before logging started, VicForests only found one Long-footed Potoroo and placed a protection zone along the existing creek buffer for it. The GECO surveys found high densities of Yellow-bellied Gliders, a second Long-footed Potoroo, threatened plants (Blackfellows Hemp and Slender Tree Fern), an undescribed species of crayfish, a new species of critically endangered Galaxias fish and unmapped rainforest.

The case is scheduled to be heard in October.

The case raises whether VicForests initial Map of the area of old growth forest under legal disputeassessments and decisions about whether pre-logging species surveys are required - and how those surveys are conducted - are adequate. We will argue they have major flaws.
Donations NOT wanted!
We know everyone is being flooded with money-asks so we won't add to the pressure! Donations received to date have been paying the legal bills. Thanks for this fantastic support - and a special thanks to those certain supporters who know who they are ! And a very special thanks to Dan, who, when over from Scotland, spent a week making and selling organic salads at the GECO kitchen at Confest and raised $1000 for this case. Amazing effort! (ps - if you reeeaally want to help us - click here)

Climate change whacks a worthy target the CHIPMILLPhoto of the damage to the chipmill jetty and loading facilities

Mother Nature dealt a 17m 'Monster wave' to the Eden woodchip mill's loading facilities and jetty on 5th June. Climate change delivered this powerful east coast low knockout that could be defined as an 'Act of God' meaning there might be no insurance payout. Two massive chunks were taken out of the jetty, the pylons are gone and the conveyor belt damaged. It might take 6-12 months to be rebuilt. The chipmill has been making a loss for years and its sales have dropped. Will it be viable and how much is the government willing to pay for the damage and alternate loading ideas? Read more...

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