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  • Preparing to go to court for the owls.
  • Bill tabled to burn forests as ‘renewable energy’.  PLEASE HELP
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Powerful Owl peering out of tree hollow

Owls Legal Case

The court-ordered mediation with the department and VicForests last week did not resolve.

The next step is a Directions hearing on the 26th of June to have the matter heard in the Supreme Court.
We can’t give you much more detail than that at this stage. In the meantime, tell Minister Neville and her Department to protect our rare Owls and their forest in East Gippsland.  And if you’d like to help us along with this 4th legal challenge (so far we’ve won or settled 3/3) click here to make a tax-deductible donation.”
Read the background to this case here

Bill tabled to burn forests as ‘renewable energy’

The regulatory change that will allow native forest wood to be burnt for electricity has been tabled in the House of Reps today.

It looks like Bill Shorten’s Labor Party might support the bill, even though it means undermining our renewable energy scheme.  This is urgent. Please make a quick phone call to Bill Shorten's office and urge that Labor opposes this.   (02) 6277 4022.

If Labor opposes this, the vote will be decided by the independents on the crossbench in the Senate. The Senate sits again on June 15, so contact the cross benchers and let them know that you want them to vote against the change to the regulation.
A few suggested points to raise are available here
Some of the crossbenchers have been concerned that the industry will need certainty, and Labor could reverse the regulatory change next in government, so that uncertainty is a point to raise as well. Plus, many still believe the lie that the ‘waste’ will only be the heads and sweepings (!) There needs to be a very clear definition provided before anyone votes on this. 
From our experience, emails are good but can get ‘lost’, so phone calls or tweets are better. 
Native forests shouldnt be furnace fuel
Ricky Muir (03) 5144 3639
Glenn Lazarus (07) 3001 8940
Nick Xenophon 08 8232 1144
John Madigan   (03) 5331 2321
Dio Wang (08) 9221 2233
David Leyonhjelm (02) 9719 1078
Plus there are some quick petitions to sign if you haven’t already.

Truly folks – this is a massively serious threat that is looming. It needs your help!