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VicForests HUG THIS!

This one image is so powerful, it will permanently destroy any claims of ‘sustainability’ or ‘environmental concern’ by the industry and VicForests.

The logger who posted this boastful image on an environment group’s Facebook page clearly illustrates his industry’s brazen contempt for the community.

It was posted the same day EEG and others met with DELWP on giant tree protection (21/10/15).

This is why we need urgent interim measures for giant tree protection while prescriptions are developed. There are not many of these leviathans left out there!

Ask Daniel Andrews to urgently protect giant trees.

This is a winner - literally!

Our intrepid East Gippy photographer Jude Deland, has won the Animal Behavior section of the 2015 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Competition.

Congrats Jude!

This was taken on the top of Mt Ellery earlier this year amongst the giant granite boulders, Alpine Ash and mist.

Jude has donated a couple of limited edition prints to EEG as a fundraiser. We'll be framing them for an auction soon. Stay tuned.

By the way, Jude was recently camped in the Kuark forests to get photographs of its magical richness. A department officer fronted her, photographed her camp, car, tent and even toilet and told her she was breaking the law by being in a 'Public Safety Zone'. He ordered her to leave a clean camp; the loggers nuking the place is OK but heaven forbid if an apple core was left behind! This area has had no active logging for ages and is included in a logging moratorium area as part of the settlement terms of our most recent legal action. They can't detect illegal logging but they can find a nature photographer at the end of a dead-end road!

Forests Forever 2016

Forests Forever 2016

25-28 March 2016

$75 for adults ($50 concession & teens), $35 a day ($25 concession & teens), under 13s free.

Some of the places we visit are mountain tops, old growth forests, rainforests, alpine wetlands, and we learn about our these areas (and the politics of their management) from expert biologists and forest campaigners.

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