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Environment East Gippsland Forest Update

In this update:

  1. Melbourne Meeting
  2. Goodwill Wines Gives to Brown Mt.
  3. Forest Stewardship Council
  4. Ongoing scrutiny of VicForests
  5. National Day of action against forest furnaces.

Environment East Gippsland's
Inaugural Melbourne Meeting.

6pm Wednesday 12th of May.
2nd Floor, Kindness House,
288 Brunswick St, FITZROY.

Environment East Gippsland is to hold its inaugural Melbourne meeting next week. 6pm Wednesday 12th of May, 2nd Floor, Kindness House, 288 Brunswick St, between Victoria St and Johnston St. We’ve been planning this since the Easter Ecology Camp so come join in with your fellow tree huggers.

  1. Facilitator/s, minute taker appointed
  2. Introductions & Updates.
  3. Supreme Court Case - Judgement Day.
  4. Promoting the forests solution in the climate and water debates.
  5. Media stories for Melbourne.
    • Local papers or MX style stories.
    • Stories that connect Melbourne communities and forests
    • Call for a 40% tax on logging companies profits as well?
  6. Letter writing -
    • Your local pollies
    • State and Federal Ministers
    • Your power company – would they sell incinerated owls with their electricity?
  7. Young’ns for Old Growth
  8. DVD production and/or YouTube clip – forests and climate etc
  9. RAW Files – Photoshop work.
  10. Fundraising ideas –
    • Card sales – Christmas retailers
    • Art show and auction
    • Brown Mt Wine - see below
    • community benefit card
    • Stalls and Events
    • eBay auctions or garage sale
  11. Skills and resources list
  12. Volunteers needed.
Light nibblies supplied but feel free to bring a dip or a couple of tomatoes.
Please RSVP to

EEG Wine Offer

Goodwill Wines have generously included Environment East Gippsland in the worthy causes that they currently promote. They even designed us our very own Brown Mt glider label!
For every dozen bottles sold EEG will receive $20 to help the Brown Mountain case.
The shipping costs are surprisingly reasonable.
To check out the selection of wines available and to order directly from Goodwill Wines click here.


Goodwill Wine is a result of years of experience in the wine industry, time spent volunteering for charities, and disappointment with the quality of wine found in so many bottle shops. They go directly to vineyards and find the best value, unlabelled wine Australia has to offer and have built a reputation based on a steadfast commitment to quality.

Forest Stewardship Council

EEG has joined the international forest certifying body, the Forest Stewardship Council, and two of our reps attended their AGM in Melbourne last week. This is supposed to be the best of the various eco-certifying groups – many of which are being run by global logging interests!? But sadly, FSC now appears to have been infiltrated and some undermining is going on. As enviro members we are now in a better position to vote and formally lodge complaints etc.

Ongoing scrutiny of VicForests

VicForests’ operations continue to be scrutinised by EEG’s “Research Department” which is gathering some rather alarming information. Nuff said for now!

Rally against plans for wood fired power plants across the country

A National Day of action is being planned to rally against plans for wood fired power plants across the country on June 1st 2010. Changes to the Fed’s Mandatory Renewable Energy Target legislation (and the Vic Govts changes to allow burning forests for power) mean that companies can now accrue renewable energy certificates by burning native forests as power! There are at least 4 others being planned around Australia and could grow to become 20 or more. More details soon.